College Preparation essay on how the roles of the Republican and Federalists differ. Mini-Comparison essay.

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Parties and Pressures in Congress

In the 1800's, the Federalist "minority" was stronger in the seventh Congress. The Federalist was stronger in the seventh Congress than all of the other Congress. The Federalists are a minority in comparison to the Republication. Whether or not the Federalist was small, they were often respected. The Republicans on the other hand are a majority compare to the two of Federalist and Republicans. The republican's main argument is dealt with the feeling great. During the time when Jefferson was president, everybody had different roles in what they were to go. The party would control the House of Representatives and the Republicans the power to elect the Speaker.

The states legislature instructed their senate to have a separate voting booth for the President and the Vice-President. The state legislature also instructed their senators to obtain an amendment to the constitution from Congress to have a senator be removed from their office with just the majority of the members of their state legislatures.

The state legislature from Maryland disapproves the amendment. The state senator from Maryland disapproves the amendment because the state legislature was supposed to say the word "instructed". The word "instruct" is like a contract, it's the only thing that's binding

In conclusion, the state legislature instructed the senator to get an amendment so that senators can be removed with just the majority of the state legislature, but the state legislature didn't exactly say it, therefore the state legislature from Maryland denied the amendment.