"Is College Still Worth The Expense?"

Essay by pinaygurl April 2004

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"Is College Still Worth The Expense?"

College is very important to us because it is the stepping stone to achieve our goal in life. It helps us to improve our skills and learn more, and it helps us to maintain higher levels of social competence and academic levels. Education remains an important investment for the future. Having an advanced degree, it is likely that we are well trained and highly skilled in our chosen fields, which is very important. Without knowledge we won't be able to achieve our ambition in life.

At first, I thought college would be the easiest part in life but it wasn't. For many reasons the tuition rates nationally keep going up and more students than ever are wondering whether or not they have the money to attend a four-year university and whether it is worth the cost. People are asking "Is college still worth the expense?".

Some people say "YES" but others say "NO." If money were everything, many parents would want their children to go to college to become doctors, nurse and lawyers. Higher education is the most direct course to big earnings. But, several former students have found out that the work they had to perform in order to obtain their degrees often can be entirely different from the work that is necessary to get the jobs they desire. When the prospective employer tells a recent graduate that they're not qualified for the job. It's because they don't have experience. So most of the graduated students often wonder why they just spent four years working for a degree while they can do very nicely without college.

Based in my experience, I have one friend from the Philippines who just graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in International Business and Management from De...