College Students and Stress

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In college today, students who are beginning their first year of college has a high chance of resulting with stress. Stress is a stage that our bodies experience as we adjust to new environments. Stress can make students fail courses and go through an emotional breakdown. There are many causes, effects and coping ways that deal with stress.

Some causes of stress for college students are the workload, family issues, and the pressure of friends. According to a graduate student of 2007, "the surplus of homework" made her life hectic (Aguinaldo). Many students would get in the habit of procrastinating, skip classes or use their lunch breaks to finish up assignments. Next, is dealing with family issues. Here is an example of an issue that a student exemplifies: "I've always been anxious and never had much confidence. College was harder than I expected, and then my parents divorced, which was traumatic for me.

After a while, all I did was cry, sleep, and feel waves of panic" (Marta). With that kind of issue, it is hard to stay focus. Moreover, there are students that are dealing with psychological distress. Being out on your own with a lot of responsibilities will get a student involved with more stress. A writer reports that: "As expected, she said, area-specific life events including relationships, race relations, school events, deviance and physical assault (or being stalked), were associated with psychological distress" (Williams). Therefore, those are a few examples of what's causing students to suffer bad grades and without noticing, money being wasted.

A critical issue concerning stress among students is its effect on learning. Students would go through many trials and tribulations throughout college and will result in either passing or failing a class. As a college student said, "Grades tend to suffer" when she...