College students who binge drink.

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Binge drinking is a problem that affects a majority of the people around my age. In college it is a problem that is widely accepted as a rite of passage and in most areas looked upon with approval by one's peers. Binge drinking can lead to problems such as physical illness, dropping out of school, trouble with the law and even in the most extreme cases, death. There are many resources in circulation that can give you good information on the subject, but the purpose of this report is to get the facts to you the reader so that you may have a better understanding of the problem.

As heavy drinking within the ranks of college students continues to be very prevalent, there have been many studies aimed at measuring the amount of drinking that goes on amidst college campuses. One such study analyzed the data from the 1993, 1997, 1999 and 2001 College Alcohol Study (CAS) surveys collected from 144 colleges and universities.

The way that they went about completing this study is that the researchers took all of the statistics and findings from the four studies above, compiled them and then came up with a conclusion. They used numbers from 119 schools where the surveys had been taken and then used the Pearson correlation to associate schools rate of response and the binge drinking rate. The Pearson correlation reflects the degree of linear relationship between two variables. To measure the binge drinking rate the surveys had defined binge drinking as "the consumption of at least 5 drinks in a row for men of 4 drinks in a row for women during the 2 weeks preceding their completion of the questions."(Wechsler & Meichun, 2003) To guard against changing rate that occurs between demographics they separated the two genders using...