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Some of the most interesting and capable people in this world are the ones with the best sense of balance. Their personalities have several sides held in balance: an astronaut who paints, a CEO completely committed to his work and his children, a world-class marathon runner who retires undefeated from Jeopardy. William & Mary is dedicated to this ideal of balance. It attracts students who are both multitalented and multidimensional. It prepares them with the skills they will need to create the lives they want and to shape the world they want to live in. With high academic standards, a broad, rich history, and deep-rooted traditions, the College of William & Mary makes an excellent choice for higher education.

William & Mary attracts a diverse group of applicants. In fact, "…the average SAT scores for students admitted in 2008 was between 1400 and 1500 (on a 1600 point scale)…" (

Therefore, high academic ability is necessary for admission, but the school also weighs numerous other factors as well. Involvement outside the classroom, including participations in sports, extracurricular activities or community organizations, is important. Additionally, evidence of more subjective qualities such as leadership, initiative, creativity and a sense of humor can be significant. In addition, "…tuition and fees as well as room and board for out-of-state residents average out to be around $19,000 per semester…" ( Accordingly, the College of William & Mary offers aid in the form of grants, loans and student employment opportunities. Financial aid awards are made primarily on the basis of need, but some scholarships are available through athletics, Army ROTC and privately-funded grants. In addition, "William & Mary has a student to teacher ratio of 11-1, one of the lowest in the nation." ( Thus, students attending the school receive the best commitment by teachers and faculty. As a result, William & Mary may be the most selective public college in America.

This institution embodies history; every statue, every building has a story to tell. In fact, "…[it is] the second oldest university in America…" ( This means that students attend classes in rooms that they can trust are not giving them false information. These courses have been around for over 380 years and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. In addition, the College has many famous alumni such as "…Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Monroe, John Tyler, and Jon Stewart…" ( Accordingly, students attend classes in rooms where Thomas Jefferson studied and at the same time use some of the most sophisticated computer technology and scientific instrumentation in the world. Thus, everything at the College is historic, everything has a past, and everyone has a future.

William & Mary is among the nation's best universities, but its students are also part of a close community. In fact, "…more than three-quarters of William & Mary undergraduates live on campus…" ( Thus, many cultures mix together to create an exciting and vibrant campus. Furthermore, it makes for an interesting mesh of people from across the world to come together and create their own traditions. For example, "…having survived three fires many students believe the Sir Christopher Wren building to be haunted… " ( It is things like this that create memories that alumni will share for years. Also, while they are school oriented, there is much pride in the sports teams. In addition, "…The College of William & Mary offers more than 40 men and women's' club sports such as football, rugby, lacrosse, and gymnastics…" ( This shows that the College also takes pride in how other schools see them as competitors. Furthermore the abundance of sports teams offers more for students to expand themselves into other things. This and much more is available for students to enjoy and experience in the day to day campus life of a W&M Tribe member.

So as it has been shown, The College of William & Mary is truly an all around school, with its roots dug deep in academics, athletics, and traditions. If there is a powerful contrast, it can be found at the College. It is not about graduating Magna Cum Laude or being the star quarterback here at this school. The key is balance at William & Mary. From playing it safe and taking risks, exercising body and mind, from remembering monarchy to celebrating anarchy, there is a true balance in this school and it is shown in the students that walk its halls.

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