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It was only my second trip of the day and already my once green jacket was the wonderful color of baseball clay and my orange cheeks were stained with tears, it was obviously going to be a long day. This was the situation at every horse show I attended for the first six months I owned my first horse. We were the perfect team at the home barn, however once we left to go show, my stress and his nervousness added up and equaled nothing short of disaster. I was convinced to quit, I had given my everything into trying to just get around a two foot course; blood, sweat, and tears had become my life and it seemed like we were never going to go anywhere.

My parents were encouraging me to stop because I was truly spending more time in the dirt than on my horse, so I made a life altering decision I was going to "quit" showing.

Let me tell you "quit" is not a word in my vocabulary I realized that the day after I had made my supposed decision. When my reality check came and hit my like a bag of bricks I took things into my own hands. Never had I worked so hard to get something done, I found outside trainers, I had others ride him, and I went to the show grounds possibly a million times to practice riding there and be able to relax. I worked another six months of no showing and by the end of those six moths I was cringing to get back into the show ring, it was time.

An entire year had passed, I was a new person and my horse was basically brand new as well, we were ready to make it around a course, no through an entire division without one bit of that disgusting orange clay. Not only were we ready, but also we did it, together and not only did I not fall, we cleaned up I received first place in each and every class. My time to shine had come around and not only that I realized that quitting is something that I cannot do. Even if I have to work my butt off and sacrifice everything, I will do it to prevent ever having to say, "I loved it but it got to hard, so I quit".

Not only am I terrified of quitting, but I also have faith. Faith is more important to me than the desire to never quit, because in life faith keeps you going. I have faith in myself through thick and thin and I truly know that I can do anything I put my mind to that physics allows of course. I work until I succeed and I push myself until I win even if it takes forever because I have faith that I will do it.

My trying experiences on and more so off horseback have made myself realize that the only thing that limits how successful I can be is myself. If I had to spend a year and a half head to toe is orange clay and had to suffer through disappointment upon disappointment again and again, I would do it. I have faith in myself that I will never slack off and quit. Through thick and thin I'll stick by what I want and push for it until I achieve it. This is most likely the most important thing I've learned about myself ever and it's all thanks to my now wonderful horse fluffy and his incredible ability to get me in that one mud puddle every spill.