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A person who has impacted your life?

I keep remembering odd things: his love for cars, jokes he told at the dinner table, his subtle brand of sarcasism, the look in his eyes when he tlaked about my future. I knew college before I'd ever hear of high school, I was my dad's last chance at the degree he never had.

His parents never pushed him to achieve any thing in life, he dropped out of high school and joined the army to fight in war he didn't believe in (Vietnam War). After finishig his term in the army he married a women and fathered two children, his first marriage didn't last. He would later meet my mother, but unlike the first marriage it would last, he changed his ways from having dead end jobs; he became an asst. manager of publix after working there for 4 years. Even though he had become successful in Publix he still had a passion for science.

So his new goal in life was to instill the passion of science he had to me. Which he did every night since I can remember him and I would watch the Discovery Channel, till I would fall asleep right next to him.

He was the one person I could talk to about anything whether it was dating, parties, drugs, sex , and even politics; which we rarely agreed on. He was right about a lot, so often- much more than I gave him credit for at the time. We never agreed on politics. He favored republicanism and I the liberal approach on things. We always kept trying to change each others views. I remember one day we got into a heated discussion about some issues that we totally disagreed on, that day we didn't speak...