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The post World War II era produced much stress between American and the Soviet people. Having a past filled with hostility, Americans felt they could not fully depend upon the Soviets to be trustful. Both the Yalta conference and McCarthyism have dramatically affected American-Soviet relations in the decade following World War II.

Instituted in February of 1945 the Yalta conference's main purpose was to resolve questions of the post war fates of Germany, Eastern Europe and Asia. Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill partook in the meeting discussing Soviet entrance into war against Japan, and broke Germany into occupational zones. As a result of the conference the Soviet's promised upon free elections in Europe, completely opposite to their communist fashion. Unfortunately later the Soviet's communist manner overtook their compromising ambitions and their lukewarm ally with the Americans was broken. Scared, Stalin issued the Iron Curtain, which acted as a shield to protect and secure private information of Stalin's communistic plans.

The beginning of the Cold War was beginning to take shape as American-Soviet relations turned harsh. Audacious Stalin insisted Communism upon Middle Eastern and European countries unable to protect themselves from his army. For the first time in history, America issued NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to step in and take action to stop Stalin. Refusing to surrender Stalin persisted Communism upon these countries until which time America was indirectly forced to drop A- bombs on the Soviets to reduce their influence in the Pacific. Consequently the Cold War heated up and initiated the war between communism and democracy.

McCarthy was a Wisconsin republican, madly reckless anticommunist senator who spectacularly charged that there were scores of communist in the state department but was unable to prove his belief. On February 1950 he falsely charged secretary of state Dean Acheson of employing 205 communist party members. When asked names he changed the number to 57 but in the end he was unable to prove one. McCarthy irresponsibly menaced civil liberties of the American tradition. Between 1950 and 1954 he proved a master at manipulating the media and exploiting the anxieties of politicians and the public. He ruined the careers of countless writers, officials, actors and others often unfairly by naming them communist or communist sympathizers. He also felt that the state department was being pumped with Moscow money to support Stalin's efforts to sustain communist. Because of McCarthyism Congress passed the McCarran internal security bill which authorized the president to arrest and detain suspicious people during "internal security" emergency. In 1950, Truman vetoed it because after McCarthy was accusing innocent people, he felt that the red hunt was turning into a witch-hunt.

Therefore, the influence of both the Yalta Communist and McCarthyism both widely effected American-Soviet relations. McCarthy opened America's eyes to communist, which helped people to support congress in aggressively attacking Stalin in his communist ways.