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The Colosseum and Gladiators Live Today "From dawn until after nightfall, fatal encounters between men and men, men and beasts, and beasts and beasts were staged in this arena, whose wooden floor was covered with sand that soaked up the blood spilled in combat."(Franz Lidz) Thirty thousand people gather to witness this blood shed, cruelty, and vicious killing, all for pure enjoyment. Where did these events take place? In the heart of Roam, in the coliseum. In the morning, there were wild animal hunts and executions at noon and finally in the evening perhaps the most anticipated event of the day, the gladiatorial war. Thousands of people flocked to see the gruesome tyranny that took place on the blood stained sand floors of the coliseum. The people of Rome longed to see death and slaughters. Some argue that this is pure murder, in an outrageously crule and primitive time.

The truth is it is in human blood, this longing for violence, the pure competitiveness among men to see who is the fittest, strongest and better warrior. The coliseum, and the gladiatorial blood sports that took place in roman time are the same as the stadiums and our sports played today, with our gladiators. People flock by the thousands to see boxing, football, rugby and other high contact sports. All violent acts where man competes and sets out to concur or destroy his opponent. As a human race, we live for death.

What exactly was the Colosseum, and what went on there? The Colosseum was a huge amphitheater, or stadium, was resurrected around 69' and 79' CE. The word Colosseum derived from the word colossal, and colossal it was. Standing at 160 feet high, 620 feet long and 510 feet wide, this four-story amphitheater held nearly 50,000 people. Built...