Colombia, history and general information

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A land rich with fertile soil, shined on by the giving sun, and lush in its annual rainfalls, Colombia is notorious for their Drug Exports to all parts of the world. Their climate, flat lands, and the quickly weakening government have been a problem in the world since the late 1900's. Now, Colombia has been set up and debated throughout the rest of the world and finally their problem has been recognized. The rest of the nations and their problems addressed watches their regional landforms, status and reputation, drug wars, and Guerilla factions today. The history of Colombia has affected the country and may have changed what was, into what is Colombia today.

Colombia is one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in year 1830, the other countries being Ecuador and Venezuela. During 1990, a movement has been made to overthrow Colombia but due to lack of support and military force, the Guerillas have been unable to take over the government.

The force still exists today, gathering money from its drug imports, illicit funds, smugglings, kidnaps, etc. and will try to one day completely collapse the Colombian government. Its neighboring countries worry about the violence that may spill over the borders and may have a chain effect on their countries as well. As a start, Bogotá (the nation's capital) steps up to reassert power into Colombia, exert the government abilities to control its more rural areas. Rainforests, illegal traders, and the rural conditions that hide drug traffickers so well are challenging them.

Colombia is located on Northern South America, bordered at the North by the Caribbean Sea and bordered by the west by the North Pacific Ocean. Her neighbors are Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru. Colombia's main language is Spanish and the popular...