"The Color Purple"

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"The Color Purple" is a very fascinating book that tells the tale of a young girl and the trials that she endures, starting with her childhood. She writes entries in her diary entitled, "Dear God," in which she is seeking answers from Him and trying to escape the oppression that is forced on her from many people in her life. The movie begins with Celie and her sister Nettie playing happily in a field of wildflowers and enjoying each other's company. This was a rare moment of joy for them. It helped Celie keep her spirits high in rough times. Celie developed as a character and eventually sprouted into a more self-confident woman who gained respect from those who she once feared.

Through all of Celie's life she was harshly beaten and raped by her stepfather. He showed no kindness towards her and only said harsh things to her, which led her to have a slow self esteem.

He impregnates Celie twice, and even though Celie insists that he lets her keep the babies, he rips them from her hands right after birth. He shows no consideration or mercy toward her, and this would affect her entire life.

When Mr._______ comes and asks for Nettie's hand in marriage, her stepfather refuses to give Nettie up. Instead, he says to take Celie. Celie is forced into a relationship with a man she has no feelings for and who will not treat her properly. Mr._______ already has a family, and Celie must endure taking care of all of his children, feeding them, cleaning up after them, and enduring their disrespectful manners. Celie's situation doesn't seem to improve at all, yet she keeps her spirits up.

Mr._______ has no respect for Celie, demanding that she clean for...