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In the novel The Color Purple, author Alice Walker utilizes multiple characters and scenarios to portray the quality of change. The narrator and protagonist, Celie discovers through reading letters her sister Nettie has written made her begin to find her voice. Also Celie strength and power was also helped by Shug Avery. Celie wasn't the only one who needed to change, her husband Mr.Albert and his son Harpo were due to change their ways. Along with Celie, Mr.Albert, and Harpo all showed the strength of finding themselves by their struggles they face over forty years. In the characters' lives, this change created the goodness inside all of them to have better relationships with others and better themselves. Through the characters strive to become an individual, Walker reveals that these characters' hidden voices is due to their actions and situations and, in the end, their voice was no longer hidden.

The power of voice was stolen from Celie when she was only fourteen by her "Pa" Alphonso. Celie's innocence was also taken from her by her father by rape. Celie voice and innocence was lost by this because she was only fourteen at the time. She was still young and naive but she was forced to grow up. Alphonso sold off Celie's two children, and forced her into a marriage with Mr. Albert. Celie knew that she had to do what she was told because she never was able to speak up and fight back. Celie never spoke up or fought back because she had that fear for survival. The communication between Celie and Mr.Albert is nonexistent because he takes his angry out on her due to her not being Shug Avery, his first love. Although Celie was not able to speak up for...