Colorful Metaphor is a Critical Thinking paper.

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Colorful Metaphor

Critical Thinking

July 14, 2003


This is an overview on how metaphors play an intricate part of our lives. Today we will be looking at life experiences throughout the world as traveled during my experiences within the Special Operations field. Time after time we hear metaphors and/or folklore to help us put in perspective things which are not explainable. We shall set out on a quest to explore the world of metaphors. How do they propel us on the paths of our journeys of everyday life? Throughout ancient times, the unknown has required our curiosity of thought, and assigning items in analytic harmony to help ease the fears the world has to put forth upon the mind. Also contemplating upon the diversity of language in the role, it plays inside of the critical thinking process. The empowerment of language is only limited, to the expression of our cerebrations experienced throughout the vast journey of life.

Colorful Metaphor

Fourscore and an hour ago, I have transiently been involved with an exploded computer and a lost metaphor paper. Such is life, easy come and easy go, this is jest a stride in life that carries' us down the beaten path, of mortality. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but how green is the grass in other parts of the world. Travel has been around as long as man, partakes his feet and ambition to travel. As Americans, are we are born with a silver spoon in our mouth.

In other parts of the world they do not take for granted anything, such as food, clothing, shelter, and a prosperous life. Even though there may be some cultural difference human necessity still reaches out from within, to help coddle and protect its own...