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*note: that this poem is explaining me and my personality, thank you for your time and for reading my peom*

Red rage.

You get in my way I'll bite off your head.

I'm a hot head.

I can be your enemey.

Or your worst nightmare.

But I'm also a Blue.

Peaceful and calm.

Sincere and very delicate.

Full of innocence.

Wide eyed.

A graceful dove.

Patient and sweet.

Angelic with a smile.

Pink and perky.

Jumping and skipping.

Nothing can bring me down.

A cheer leader filled with enthusiasim.

Full of life and happiness.

But I'm an Orange.

Tricky and witty.

Sly as a fox.

Like a cat out for adventure.

Quiet yet mischievous.

Sneakier than a snake.

A devil at heart.