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After reading the first articles regarding Columbus I thought he was a hero who he deserved praise for discovering America. I would have found him courageous since he crossed the sea of darkness and I admired his perseverance with the Queen of Spain. He did whatever he could to get Queen Isabella to let him risk his life to try to find the new land. Columbus was portrayed as an explorer and a person who was willing to do whatever it takes to benefit his country. Columbus took many risks during this unique mission. He even had his life threatened when sailors plotted to throw him overboard. On October 12, 1942 after many weeks in unknown seas Christopher Columbus discovered America. Without Columbus America would not have been discovered.

In the second readings about Columbus I thought he was naive and ungrateful. He thought the Indians were stupid and thought they all would be eager to become devoted Christians.

One thing Columbus did which was cruel to the Indians was when he made a quota of gold for every Indian to collect. He would punish the Indians if they could not meet the quota. Since there was little gold in America he injured many Indians for not being able to complete this almost impossible task. Columbus and his men brought in sickness from Europe therefore many Indians contracted disease and died. The Indians were enslaved and separated from their family so they could work for Columbus and the Queen. Columbus often had no respect for human life, putting Indians thru pain and grueling work. Christopher Columbus was an