Columbus The Puzzling Sailor: This essay is about the Multi Demential view on Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus was recognized as one of the greatest explorers (until the actual truth was pulled on him.) He was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. Although his birthplace is disputed by many historians, this is the most widely accepted theory. His achievements were great but his actions were often overlooked by many. Columbus is admired as a hero even though he was arrested by the Crown of Spain, and died waiting for another summoning from the crown. (Not everyone knows this and we can hide it by just keeping the bad facts under wraps.) Today as you know it, some people don't celebrate Columbus Day any more. Why? Here is the answer: just until recently we all thought that Columbus was a great guy because we hadn't heard of him enslaving the natives, killing them off, and treating them like dirt. Therefore, many people thought that his accomplishments were so great, but in reality they weren't.

The reason that some people don't celebrate Columbus is because he was ruthless and all has power went to his head. He lost control of the new colonies and called for a judge to help him out but instead he was arrested because the queen didn't like the idea that Columbus enslaved the natives. However, all was not lost; the trading was very profitable because the Spaniards would trade worthless items for gold amulet coins that they got from the natives. This is how Columbus got all of his wealth.

You have probably heard of Columbus sailing the Atlantic in 1492 with the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria and landing on know what is called North America. But here is the thing, he didn't want to land on North America, he wanted to land on the continent called Asia. His calculation for...