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Gun control, youth violence and racism these are the issues that society deals with everyday. Although society considers these as major social issues, other people such as comedians use social issues as stand up material. One comedian named Chris Rock wrote a book based on his stand up in titled Rock this, his book deals with controversial issues that Americans choose not to talk about. For instance the incident with Bill Clinton or even OJ Simpson and how black and white people reacted to these events. In reality Chris has only taken his life experience and world issues rewritten them to entertain people. As well as inform people of the situation. Although his delivery and content are offensive to his audience, people should not take his freedom of speech literately.

The origin of his comedy began in his childhood. Growing up in Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood, which Chris considered nice and peaceful, compared to the rest of the nabourhood.

School for Chris was never easy, being bused to the other side of town every morning to a nearly all white school was an experience of a lifetime for him. "Put quote here" Chris experienced all kinds of racism, which most people had, believe that no longer existed in America, he was continuously beat and insulted for his color. Never the less Chris was shy and respectful only later in his career to target mainly white people.

Not only Chris comments on his past experience he also comments on his observations he sees through the media and his day to day life. Many times through out his book he states that being black today is just as bad as being a slave back fifty years ago. "Sometimes I hate life because I was born a suspect," (Pg. 9) What he meant is not to be taken literally but the stereotypes that most people have on black people is that they have the potential of being a crook. Although Chris considers this as a disadvantage he never once considered being another color. He uses his color as an advantage in skits and movies, then explodes in anger about the general stereotype that America has on black people.

Realizing the ignorance that still exists in today's world is still at large. Chris ideas on how to humor his audience about these topics are creative and fresh. Chris dealt with a lot of racism while growing up but his target is not the discriminator he grew up with, his main targets are the victims or the racist acts. "If you're black, you get more respect going to jail than for going to school"(Pg. 25) Throughout this chapter of his book he discuses how ignorant some of his own kind can be, living up to the expectation people believe in.

Chris's stand up comedy is considered witty and fresh, which is his life experiences over exaggerated. The content of his speech is all facts but his delivery should not be taken offensively. It is obvious that Chris tells his audience his points of view on life because he grew up a life of hatred and racism. This has never stopped Chris from loving who he is and what he is"¦. [(I can't end it.)]