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1.0 Executive Summary

The technology sector is extremely fast paced and only businesses who can adapt to rapid changes in the market can survive. Technology is constantly evolving, forcing companies to come up with more innovative products. The customers are well informed about the market and very demanding. They can easily switch from one company to any of its numerous competitors. The competition is very tough with more companies moving into this sector. The laws and regulations are only starting to form, which makes outcome even more uncertain.

2.0 Introduction

This report aims to establish the context of the Technological environment and assess two business organisations within the technology sector and to recommend one or both of these organisations to a new graduate. This will be done by analysing the following:

§ Assessment of the current state of both organisations and their adopted strategies to safeguard future success for their business.

§ Financial Information of both organisations and external factors specifically affecting one of the companies analysed.

The company analysis will be made on the following two organisations:

§ Nokia

§ Cisco Systems CSCO

3.0 Company One: Nokia

Sector: Technology

Industry: Communications Equipment

Employees: 51,187

3.1 Profile

Nokia is the world's leading mobile phone manufacturer and one of the top suppliers of network infrastructure products, headquartered in Espoo, Finland. The Company is organised on a worldwide basis into three primary business segments: Nokia Mobile Phones, Nokia Networks and Nokia Ventures Organisation. Nokia Mobile Phones develops, manufactures and supplies mobile phones and wireless data products, including a complete range of mobile phones for digital and analogue standards worldwide. Nokia Networks provides mobile and Internet protocol (IP) network infrastructure and related services. Nokia Networks is engaged in IP mobility core, radio and broadband access for network providers and operators. Nokia Ventures Organisation...