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Zain ul abdeen Business level 2

Dahlia nijim

Marketing concepts applied to the marketing mix and marketing principles


Marketing plan for my business (Chewee) will be using marketing principles, marketing concepts and marketing mix.

I will be using USP, market segment, AIDA and the four p's to start with my I will be designing leaflets for my product which is a chew gum and I will using bright colours and stylish fonts which will get my customers attention and I will be using big pictures and very attractive pictures which will show my product and it will also show that how different my product is to my competitors and my products will be available in the west midlands and I will be selling my products to the small corner shops. My target group will be people age 12 - 59 and even the people who have diabetes because I will be selling sugar free products and I will be aiming middle class people who have a job.

The unique selling point for my business will be that my products will have different flavours and colourful packaging and eye catching packaging which will grab my customer's attention. My product will be interesting because it will have various types of flavours and colour full packaging and I will be supplying my products to the corner shops and petrol stations and I will be delivering them my products and my customers will be based in the west midlands. I will buying the chew gums from amazon in 1000 of quantities and I will find the best deal from amazon and the best seller and I will stick with the same seller because I will have a business with him and I will start building a business relationship with my exporter and...