It is a combined effort of compare/contrast Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz's philosophies and how they apply to America's current War on Terrorism stance.

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to be honest, I thought about sending this in Chapter by Chapter, like I did the Mask of Command paper, but this one has a more overlapping flow, and was written from beginning to end as MoC paper was actually written in different stages. So, here's the mother load, My Final Paper for my Bachelors in Military History. All 24 pages of it. Enjoy!

Title Page:

The Flashing Sword of Vengeance:

Unleashing the World's Most Powerful Defense

--a study of America's pursuit of Clausewitzian Strategy following 9-11

The object of war is (a) to impose our will on the enemy, to do which (b) we use the means of maximum available force, with (c) the aim of rendering him powerless.

Table of Contents:

Introduction - America Attackedpage 3

Projection - America Re-establishes itselfpage 4

The Operational Art of War - Defined and appliedpage 5

Continuation of Politics - defining roles of the civil-military relationshipspage 6

America's Clausewitz-tzu-clausewitz themespage 7

Power of Resistance - 9-11 becomes the American resolvepage 10

Schwerpunkt - the transition to the counterattack the enemy

Page 11

Sun Tzu - and the art of "non"warpage 13

Why Tzu? -the courses of action that allowed America's pursuit of Sun Tzupage 14

Victory Essentials and OODA loops - point takenpage 16

Enter von Clausewitz -shelving of the Art of Warpage 17

4GW, conventional war, and the new pathpage 18

Power of Resistance - 9-11 becomes the American resolvepage 19

Pax Americana - license to kill (sort of) - The Conclusionpage 21

Works Citedpage 22

End Notespage 23


-- The Flashing Sword of Vengeance --

"You called down the Thunder, well now you got it"

-Wyatt Earp

Introduction - America Attacked

As America pursues its War on Terrorism it will follow certain strategies and philosophies based off the authority...