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Hussein Atwi

Professor Wade

ENGL 1301


Gender Discrimination

When it comes to our generation, women and men should have equal rights. After all the protesting and suffering that women endured in order to have equal rights with men has determinately paid off. Women these days all around the world have the rights to vote, work, drive, and have mundane lives. Infelicitously, it is proven that Saudi Arabia is the only country that does not give women their congruous rights to participate in everyday life. Because of that, women are becoming rebellious as their being discriminated against. Thus protesting, and endeavoring to make their voice aurally perceived.

The Government has affirmed the Quraan and the "Sunna" (tradition) of the Prophet Muhammad to be the country's legal constitution. Neither the Government nor society in general accepts the concepts of separation of religion and state, nor does such separation not exist. The legal system is based on "Shari'a" (Islamic law), with "Shari'a" courts basing their judgments largely on a code derived from the Quran and the Sunna.

Verbalization, the press and other forms of communicative media, including television and radio broadcasting and Internet reception, are actively censored by the regime to obviate political opposition and anything reckoned, by the regime, to be unpleasant and offensive to the Arab culture or Islamic morality and decency.

In all Arab nations, women have the same rights as men; are sanctioned to vote, work, drive, and have male friends. On the other hand, in Saudi Arabia, women have been miss treated and discriminated for so many years. Mohammad jamjoom stated" Activist Manal Al-Sharif, who got jailed for a week after posting a video of herself driving in 2011, took it as a positive sign that the government has stated its position on...