The Comfort of Plumbing System

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What is used several times throughout the house by millions of people every day? What is the one thing that no one can almost live without? To answer these questions, I would say that most people would definitely agree with me, which would be the plumbing system. Plumbing systems have progressed and advanced very rapidly, since the early ages. In the early ages, the drainage system was made from stones and flowed into the main sewers. Than bath houses were built as a gift to the people, as a result before meal bathing was a routine for people. Bathing was introduced by the Romans in the second century B.C., and it became part of the daily life in the majority of the people. Bathing was a significant event for all sexes and classes. People went to the bath houses where people met to discuss important events, meetings, most of all it was very affordable.

The wealthy people were attended by their slaves because they carried their belongings and guarded their items while they finished bathing and the poor people carried their own items. Bath house also served as a relaxation spot, now people reserve restaurants for meetings, halls for events and spas for relaxation. The difference between the plumbing then and plumbing now, is how it excelled in great levels in years. Nowadays, people use the internet to solve their plumbing problems, according to Larry Armstrong. He describes how he solves his problems by using the website, “The best strategy is simply to surf to a search engine such as Google or and describe your problem” (Business Week Lifestyle Magazine, 2007).

Indoor plumbing gives people hot and/or cold water to do the daily activities, which are clean purified drinking water, clean water to cook food, wash dishes, bath,