Comic books a superheroes

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Jose J. Torres Jr.

Mrs. Joyce Sakwe

English 101

September 29, 2014

Comic Books and Superheroes

Over the centuries, mankind has always been attracted to the idea of people with extraordinary abilities. The intrigue of individuals who have superpowers or supernatural gifts is a natural interest. Men and women with powers beyond the human ability is not the only fascination the human race has had. Vigilantes who seek justice or revenge often run through the imaginations of men and women. Although there is a different between justice and revenge many people seem to confuse the two ideas. Either way, these two types of phenomena have made their way into the minds and hearts of adults and children alike. The most popular form in America has been through the almighty comic book.

The first comic books in America did not start to surface until the great depression era. The comic that took off and has been around since started as Action Comics issue #1.

That was the first sighting of Superman.

"It was the beginning of an explosion that would color American culture

for decades to come" (Malson, 3).

Since the great depression was such a gloomy era in American history, popular culture was an escape for many people who stressed and worried in everyday life. Now in todays world comic books and their daring stories of heroes and villains have made their way into graphic novels, books, t.v. shows, video games and movies. When comic books came to mind, many people thought of the kids who did not quite fit in with the "normal" crowd. Now, comic book lovers are from all walks of life and social classes. There are no taboo's or shame in taking an interest in their simple booklets with pictures. There is a superhero...