Coming of Age/Getting my Diploma

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When I hold my High school diploma, I get such a feeling of accomplishment and self-growth. I'll never forget that day. June 6, 2002, the day of my graduation. I have only felt that kind of emotion on the day my son was born. I was both excited and scared all at once.

This special event took place in the Weber State Browning Center. The building had a long twisted staircase that lead to the second floor. The second floor had a series of four black doors leading into the theater. On the walls near the doors were painting and small head sculptures. I glanced down the hallway and seen a sea of people.

I could feel my palms starting to moisten. I tugged at my mothers shirt as a child does when they are shy and trying to hide. My mother looked at me,"Josie, are you alright?" I nodded my head and replied, "Yes, I am fine."That

is what I told her even though, in actuality, I was terrified. She looked at me and read me like a book. She smiled and said, "It's time to start. You need to go backstage now."

When the ceremony began music started to play and everyone went to their assigned positions. My grandmother, mother, sister, and brother-in-law filled in the front seat. I slowly walked to my place in the line. I didn't know anyone and I felt so alone. I really wanted my mother to come and stand there with me. I realized that she couldn't. This experience was an experience that I would have to under go on my own. Because I was sixteen and pregnant I had to learn how to deal with things on my own. I had to get used to it, I had no choice.