The Coming Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was set up and ran off of many different factors. The social structure of France was set up into three estates in which the church members and nobility ganged up on the commoners. This greatly upset the 3rd estate. The nobility wanted even more power than they already had. The people of France had heard about the American Revolution and its ideas that it pushed forth, and most supported these ideas.

The 1st estate was the church members. They knew that France was in for a reform and that the church of France also needed a bit of reform. When it came time to vote to see which classes had to pay the taxes, the 1st and 2nd estates would both vote for the commoners to pay taxes.

The 2nd estate was the nobility of France. The nobles thought that they were being treated unfairly even though they had many new liberties than the commoners had ever had.

Eve with their great wealth the nobility refused to pay taxes and pushed them onto the commoners. The nobility were usually pretty educated people and they knew the enlightened views set forth by Locke adn Montesquie.

The 3rd estate was the commoners and middle class bourgeosie. They were for the most part mistreated by the other estates and forced to pay heavy taxes. The 3rd estate was not a highly educated class but they knwe of the American Revolution and the views, freedoms, and liberties which it fought for.

The social structure and tas structure of France can be considered the main complaint of the 3rd estate. The views of Locke and Montesquie also influenced the people with the idea of liberty and freedom. The American Revolution made up the basis from which the French men took thier views...