Coming of the Online Age - Marketing Challenges

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Marketing Challenges(Cited Source: by Natalie Pace on 8 - 11 - 06)This article points out that Skype overtook MySpace in terms of the number of users who have registered for both, even though in recent times MySpace even overtook yahoo in terms of page views. The main thing that can be pointed out is the new and huge area for marketing that is waiting to be tapped. Ebay bought Skype with a specific idea in mind: Ebay wanted its users to be able to communicate with each other and Skype was thought out to be the best option. MySpace was bought by News Corp in a move to diversify its businesses. The MySpace buyout resulted in News Corp get a solid footing in the internet industry and a way to add growth to their stagnating revenues. MySpace and Skype were upstart sites started by a number of people who probably never expected it to be such a big success.

These sites started over in less than 3 years and have experienced phenomenal growth in the US. They became so popular that big corporations couldn't help noticing it. Their buyout shows that bigger companies are trying to find new areas to diversify their businesses and maintain or increase the growth rate of the company. The new best platform for marketing is internet and MySpace and Skype are really popular sites that make a fortune by selling advertisement spaces to other companies. This also provides a platform for the parent companies to pitch their products to consumers.

Skype has reduced the cost of telephone services. It was a revolution in its field. The way that it gave rise to a number of other Voip services is a worrying factor for the telephone companies like AT&T landline telephone services. This gives all...