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School Uniforms

School Uniforms are being used by schools seen more and more often these days. Why is this happening? Some may say it is because school uniforms are more economically efficient and add to the learning environment. However, some authorities think that school uniforms are a bad idea because they may add more expense to school, do not separate high class from low class, and they take away from the individuality of the student. On the contrary, school uniforms are great because they add to the learning environment, they make it easier to recognize intruders and they promote equality.

There are many positive effects of school uniforms Anderson writes, "for many students, and image or sometimes a stigma is attached to certain styles, most notably gang-style clothing. Students have become targets of intentional or unintentional violence simply for wearing a particular type of shirt or cap or color combination associated with a particular gang" (Anderson 7).

Through wearing clothes, students become victim to gang violence and discrimination. In addition, by wearing a certain color of clothing students can wrongly place you in a gang. If school uniforms were implemented, it would eliminate some of the gang presence in schools.

Uniforms are beneficial to ensure that diversity in the crowd that does not relate to social standing. When students are in a classroom they are there to learn, "uniforms set the tone for a proper attitude toward work. Uniforms remind students that they are in school to learn, not to make a fashion statement" (Anderson 8). If we set up the classroom to be a learning environment with as less distractions as possible, so that students would have greater success in school. Uniforms would allow the classroom to be less distracting by taking the high class, low class barrier away.