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Leading Cultural Diversity

Research shows that diverse work teams that have received training on managing diversity score six times higher on problem-solving tests than homogenous groups. If you want a high-performance organization in today's workplace, then you must first ensure that the people in your organization are adequately equipped to work effectively in a diverse environment (National MultiCultural Institute, 2005). A culturally diverse workplace will increase productivity on large scale levels. As well as other issues diversity enhances the creativity and problem-solving abilities of the organization. This culturally diverse workplace will allow teams in large companies to solve problems more efficiently than that of a company without cultural diversity. Intercommunication will become paramount it is necessary for the company to promote communications among the diverse groups.

Organizations that want to promote diversity need to realize that it will need to focus on the people that make up their company. Organizations are made up of the people in them.

Therefore, if the people do not change, then the organization cannot change. Determining an organization's climate involves three levels of analysis: the individual (employee), the groups (departments, units, program areas), and the overall organization (Schneider, 1990). Each individual group will need to be addressed and a plan of action made provide diversity on all levels not just at any one level. This multi tier planning will allow diversity to be spread through the entire organization.

This process will take time and effort to complete but is a worthwhile endeavor. Promoting diversity maybe costly from the start but in the end it will save the company legal actions and lawsuits. The initial cost may be high but the positive effects outweigh the negative ones. Along with being morally, ethically, and socially right diversity is also the law there are many national laws and...