Commentary on the excerpt "Two Kinds" from the short novel "Joy Luck Club"

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Expectations vs. Reality

In this world, an extremely strict mother, nicknamed a 'tiger mom, is both common and harshly perceived. As evidenced from the story "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan, Jing-mei's mother fits the stereotype of a tiger mom, vaguely defined as a harsh mother with high expectations, who wants a daughter acceptable enough to show her off to her friends. Even though, Jing-mei eventually could not cope with the ever increasing standards of her mother, she continues to press harsh circumstances on Jing-mei. Quotes such as ' "Ni kan," my mother said, as Shirley's eyes flooded with tears. "You already know how. Don't need talent for crying," and "You can be genius if you want to," exemplify how the mother continues to hope for the best for Jing-mei without taking into consideration what her daughter actually wants. Instead, she wants to use her daughter as a tool to show off to her friends rather than abilities that Jing-mei enjoy and wants to do.

This continues to happen, and her mother moves on to trying to sell Jing-mei off as a piano prodigy. Eventually, she is unhappy with her current situation and simply stops trying to please her mother. However when getting ready to prepare for a talent show she was entered in, she had promised good tidings to her mother although she had not practiced properly. Her mother's reaction to her inevitably horrible performance was, "By then I saw my mother's face, her stricken face." This is not acceptable in anyway even considering her age. Her mother cares for her and even though she is being somewhat selfish when not taking into the account of her daughter's wants, the mother will always know what is best for the child due to their...