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Commentary on Jude the Obscure p205-207

The last novel of Thomas Hardy entitled "Jude the Obscure" depicts the story of Jude Fawley whose dream is tobecome a scholar in Chrisminster University. However the socialconvention at this time, especially in regards of marriage, religion and the university makesit impossible for him to fulfil it. At this point of the novel Sue and Jude both have not divorce from their respective partner and Jude leaves a note to Sue to attend his aunt's funeral, she comes but she doesn't stays under the same roof as him. Both afterwards discuss marriage and Sue breaks down, crying and admitting that she hates having to be physically receptive to her husband and feels guilty. The extract that follows occurs in the middle of the night, it perfectly shows that strict social convention that Jude and Sue have to face and it brings up the essential point of marriage as a social institution that is indifferent to the needs of the individual and the character of Sue plays the speaker for this view.

I shall first discuss the significance of social oppression in this extract before moving on to Sue's inner turmoil.

  • Social oppressio n and duty

Marriage for both characters stands as a commitment that many are emotionally unequippedwith to fulfil. Indeed, in this extract therabbitemphasize the growing bond between Jude and Sue and itis trapped the same way that Jude and Sue are trapped in their respective marriage "the faint clickof the trap as dragged about by the writhing animal...", both Jude and Sue feels the pain of the rabbit when we read "I heard the rabbit...till I felt I must come down.... But I am so glad you got there first", this symbolizesthat Jude and Sueboth are extremely sensitive and cannot bear to...