Commentary on "Who will Save the Babies", by Bill O'Reilly

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One of the most controversial issues in modern day America is the morality of abortion. Some people support it, claiming that the mother has the right to decide what she wants to do with the baby, while others strongly oppose it, bringing things up like fetal rights. In the article “Who will Save the Babies?”, published on November 11, 2006, author Bill O’Reilly discusses the practice of abortion being done by a certain Dr. George Tiller in Kansas.

In his article, O’Reilly exposes Dr. Tiller, also known as “Tiller the baby killer”, a doctor who will abort a mother’s baby if she writes a check of at least $5,000. What is controversial, says O’Reilly, is that Tiller will perform the procedure for any reason, even if it is as slight as the mother feeling a slight depression. According to O’Reilly, most of the press is largely ignoring the story, while some are supporting it and are even defending Tiller, saying that investigating Tiller is an “assault on privacy and legal rights.”O’Reilly

wrote the article mainly to draw attention to Tiller because other press hadn’t, but he is also expressing strong opposition to Tiller’s practice. O’Reilly states that even the most liberal countries wouldn’t allow people like Tiller to do what he’s doing. O’Reilly provides evidence that in France, a baby cannot be aborted after 12 weeks unless two doctors agree that the mother’s health will be endangered by the baby. Furthermore, O’Reilly states that in the Netherlands, abortion is not allowed once the baby is viable outside the mother’s womb. These pieces of evidence are important because they show that babies have more rights in less democratic like the Netherlands as opposed to the US, the land of the free. This evidence is also effective because it alludes to...