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The film Peter Pan is based on the original stageplay by J.M. Barrie. The film is about a boy called Peter Pan, who never wants to grow up. With the novel does it share almost all similarities , still it does have some differences from the novel. Besides , there are such factors as special effects, good acting and popularity for all ages that have contributed to the success of the film.

The similarities lie in the way the film vividly, briefly depicts the novel as mentioned below. Firstly,as the novel it is, the film conveys the idea of growing up or not. Wendy wants to grow up. So she decides to leave Peter , leave Neverland , the land of pirates, Indians and mermaids while Peter remains ,as he is , a child with countless joys of being allowed to play , and having fun.

Secondly, the film tells us about one of the things Barrie emphasizes in his final pages " It is only the gay and innocent and heartless who can fly."

In the film , it is said "You can fly if you have happy thoughts," which means there will still be Peter Pan - whose joy, adventures and youth will never die ; There will still exist the fairies like Tinker Bell - whose fairy dust can make us fly. To writer J.M. Barrie and director P.J. Hogan , children seem to be those who dream of flying with Peter Pan, and those who still believe in fairies. In their world of imagination, there will be the joy of listening to fairy tales, of experiencing adventures where they will fight against evil force.

Thirdly, a great deal of words and phrases in the novel are skilfully used in the film, for example ,