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" To Build a Fire " is the title of a story written by Jack London. This story is an example of Naturalism; which Nature is conceived as the world of objects, actions and forces which leads their being to objective scientific inquiry.

It is a story of a man who travels in the Yukon on a cold morning, but cold does not disturb the man who plans to meet his friends, on his way h stops for lunch and fight different barriers to build a fire, and at the same time he fights against the thought of his body freezing.

Jack London selects this title maybe because the man in the story tries his best to build a fire in order to protect himself from coldness, but unsuccessfully all his trials failed.

The man mentioned in the story is a newcomer to the Yukon with a husky wolf-dog, who seems courageous, because he was not afraid to travel in the gloomy frosted weather of Alaska not even to follow the old-timer from Creek recommendation, who warned him of traveling alone when temperature was fifty degrees below zero.

Beside being courageous, he is also ambitious man who wanted to achieve his ambition to meet his friends by six o'clock in spite of the tremendous cold and dangerous day. Challenging death is not an easy thing especially if the body was too frailty, but this man survived a lot and tried to escape from death by restoring circulation and by deciding to meet death in a more dignified manner.