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From Galatea 2.2 is written by Richard Powers who is an expert knowledge of computers and their workings. His novel is about how a mind function as computer processing information could and it focuses on the ability of human beings to create.

There are different characters in the novel such as; Lentz, A, C, Helen and Diana. Lentz creates something inanimate that becomes real as to verge on developing human emotions and that is Helen. Richard has been given the duty of teaching Helen preparing her for her literature examination. Helen can be described as a net, spread out over innumerable computers.

However, the narrator used to love C, but there was lack in their relationship, so later on he meets a graduate student who he falls in love with and invites her into his imagination. Richard sees on her the perfect teacher, but he never develops a relationship with her.

At the end of the story, Richard noticed the truth of creating this machine and would like to teach it about the reality of the world, but Helen retreats her self and shuts down to escape from the cruel reality of its creators and disappear from the world. A conversation was held between the characters, where each introduces him/her self to the other. This novel invites the reader to think about the world improvement and the technological inventions that would help humans in further studies and fields.