Comments on the Taoist idea of Wu Wei and Yin and Yang. How does one accomplish anything by it?

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The wu wei is a perfected way of life to align one's self to the Tao. A better translation of wu wei in English is pure effectiveness. "Wu wei is the supreme action, the precious suppleness, simplicity, and freedom that flows through us, when our private egos and conscious efforts yield to a power not their own." Those of wu wei act without strain, convince without arguing, and achieve without violence or pressure. It is a state of enlightenment that betters one's life, and changes the way they view themselves and the world around them.

The identity and correlation of life's basic oppositions is summed up by the yin/yang symbol. For example, the opposite of good is evil. They do not absolutely oppose each other, but complement and keep the balance between one another. "Each invades the other's hemisphere and takes up its abode in the deepest recess of its partner's domain.

And in the end, both find themselves resolved by the circle that surrounds them." These concepts are based on the principle that life is an ongoing cyclical process that goes full circle. This symbol is a circle and signifies that these phases eventually replace each other in its opposite. "It bends back upon itself to come, full circle, to the realization that all is one and all is well."