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Global BusinessInvestigate the environmental impact of global businesses.

Global business is a business that transcends national boundaries and supplies products and services around the world. As globalisation dramatically increases due to our economy and technology, global awareness of the issues concerning air pollution, waste disposal, deforestation, global warming and over consumption starts to arise. Industries involving mining, forestry and chemicals endanger the environment most.

Coal and oils are used in many global businesses' manufacturing process. The processing of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. This harmful practice triggers global warming and degrades our air quality and has raised various health concerns.

The need for global transportation of goods has also caused significant environmental and health impacts. Due to trade relations between countries, many products and services are sold at an incredibly low price, which ultimately lead to the sacrifice of our environment for the pursuit of national wealth.

The process of transportation between these countries further creates excessive pollution, energy consumption and the destruction of natural habitats.

Packaging is one of the major tactics in advertising a product. However, many global businesses use unnecessary packaging which leads to over consumption, waste, increased production and transportation. Boost Juice is a perfect example where it mass produce undegradable waste (foam cups) for the comfort of consumers where paper cups could be used as an alternative. When these waste materials are disposed incorrectly, it will contaminate natural habitats and destroy existing biodiversity.

Governments in many countries have introduced environmental protection laws pressuring global businesses to practise ecologically sustainability. This is where the production of goods and the consumption of non-renewable resources by businesses must be changed to avoid negative and harmful impacts on the natural environment. An example where this has occurred is the Orica plan in Botany Bay where...