Commerce Responsibility

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Tutorial Preparation 6

Name: Yer Yan Dong

Student ID: J11008198/ 4149725

Subject: COM 101

Major: Finance

Lecturer: Mr Kingston Knight

Date: 5/10/2011

1. It was not a sound business decision, even more not a socially responsible decision. Levi Strauss's decision depends on the financial perspective. However, it is not a long-term way for the company. The management of company is only look at profit, cash flow and return of investment, there is all relevant to financial indicators. It may make profit but its market price would go down. They should not only look at this when they want to evaluate a company, but also look at internal business process and the customer perspective. "Financial measures tell the story of past events, an adequate story for industrial age companies for which investments in long-term capabilities and customer relationships were not critical for success. These financial measures are inadequate, however, for guiding and evaluating the journey that information age companies must make to create future value through investment in customers, suppliers, employees, processes, technology, and innovation."

(Balanced Scorecard Institute, 1996). Besides, the organization should learning from its employee to grow and achieve their vision. That is long-term way and it make two win situation. Therefore, the company have reasonably been expected to keep the plant running.

2. The management of company should suppose if they are laid-off by other person, what they want and they need. This is something relevant to kantianism that treat people the way you want to be treat. In addition, according to utilitarianism, unemployment isn't good for society. So, company could absorb employee to another job, or find job for its laid-off workers. For example, it could giving job letter recommendation of its laid-off worker to other company and give compensation after that. In all, a good...