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"David, have you seen the new commercial for the Jordan XVII shoes?" For young adults that like to keep up with the latest fashion, "Jordan," is one of the most talked about around households. This is highly influenced by commercialism. Commercialism has a major impact on society. We are what makes advertising what it is today. Our lives revolves around commercialism whether we realize it or not. In today's society, commercialism tends to use professional athletes, and celebrities, which are two of the most popular tactics, as a way to sell products, and catch the eye of viewers.

Commercialism focuses on advertisements that an intended audience can relate to. Most of the commercial ads that professional athletes and celebrities are involved in are intended for mostly younger adults that keep up with the latest fashions, music, style, etc. For example, Reebok has a commercial with Allen Iverson, a professional basketball player, and Jadakiss, a hip-hop rapper.

Jadakiss is rapping to advertise Allen Iverson's Reebok A5 shoe. Reebok's intensions were to catch the attention of younger adults, preferably young athletes. Allen Iverson is one of the best professional basketball players, and Jadakiss is one of the most popular hip-hop rappers. Young athletic adults usually take hold on this kind of advertising because of such popular figures. The mood of such advertising is very serious and informative. The music involves Jadakiss rapping to a hip-hop beat about the Reebok A5 shoe. It is very appealing to the audience of younger adults because most are interested in hip-hop music. The word choice for the most part is "slang.," which is mostly used in today's society by young adults. In this commercial ad, Allen Iverson is wearing the product, which are the Reebok A5 shoes. This makes younger adults feel as...