Common Foreign and Security Policy in The European Union -Towards 'one voice' of Europe?

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Common Foreign and Security Policy in

The European Union -

Towards 'one voice' of Europe?

The process of European integration has started more than fifty years ago. In that time states understood that to avoid another nightmare of years 1939-45, they have to take this direction in their policies. This process seemed to be essential to maintain peaceful relations between countries. There were many arguments for integration. First, as the consequence of War totally ruined the economics and the necessary of rebuilding them. Second, a willingness to return Europe 'the right place' in the international arena. Third, facing the division of the world politics in two blocs- the start of Cold War, there was a need to create an organization which will be a strong point in the international relations. In addition, there appeared many new economical and political problems which demand cooperation in solving them.

In the middle of fifties six countries which are: Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg started the integration process.

During the last fifty years, as well in economical as in political way the integration was improving. The initial 'six' transformed into 'fifteen'. The end of the Cold War has opened new possibilities and create new challenges for European policy. In one year the European Union is going to be enlarged about ten 'new' countries, from Central Europe. It is obvious that it is going to change this organization in many ways but however, it has to still function as an effective and capable actor across the range of external activities. It is very important, especially in the contemporary international system to have a substance of international politics. The purpose of this essay is the investigation problem of the Common Foreign and Security Policy in the European Union. How does it works? What mechanism...