Common Law vs. Political Law vs. Scientific Law

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Common Law vs. Political Law vs. Scientific Law

Americans are no longer aware that there are two kinds of legal systems, political and scientific. America was founded on principles of scientific law. But these principles have now been submerged in today's legal system. What is taught today as law is political law.

To understand the difference between a scientific legal system and a political one, it is necessary to know that scientific law developed in the absence of any legislature or Congress or Parliament whatever.

Scientific Jurisprudence.

Fifteen centuries ago the Roman Empire had collapsed. In many places there was no law and no courts. Whenever two individuals had a dispute, they had to work it out on their own. Before scientific law, disputes often led to mayhem, brawls, or worse. Gradually, however, justice was established by scientific law. The private, scientific law courts had no government force at their disposal.

The Sheriff served the due process of the law. He was not a law-enforcer. The scientific law courts were private courts that were supported by the fees charged to litigants. People paid because the scientific law courts provided a useful service. People consented to the due process of the scientific law to have its protection and justice. If they did not obey the writs and process of the scientific law court, they could be declared "outlaw", outside the protection of the law. An outlaw was on his own. He had spurned the service of scientific law to aid him resolve a dispute. If he were robbed or killed in a dispute, neither he nor his family had any recourse. Thus, self-interest induced people to support and obey the writs and judgments of the scientific law courts. Students are taught today that law and government is virtually the same thing,