A Common Life In "A Clean Well-Lighted Place"

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A Common Life In "A Clean, Well-lighted Place" In "A Clean, Well-lighted Place," a sleepless waiter and an old drunk have a lot in common with their empty and lonely lives. Earnest Hemingway writes a story which takes place in a café and is purely dialog between two writers. One, being a young waiter, whom seems to have no problems and an older one, who's life has less of what the younger one's has and is not happy with it.

In the story, there is an old drunk who is there at the café nearly every day. All he wants is more brandy. The two waiters talk about him. The younger of the two is wanting him to go home because he usually stays all night and longer. However, the old drunk doesn't want to go home. This is how he has that common life with the old waiter. The older waiter shares the same feelings as the old drunk. A lot of the same feelings. More than the two of them even know themselves.

The old drunk's life is very simple, yet complicated as well. His life is simple as far as how he lives it and what goes on in the man's life. However, it's complicated because it is not easy to understand. You can't really understand why he is the way he is. He spends all of his time drinking in the café. From morning until close, that is where he always is and that is what he is always doing. He never ever desires to go home. He wishes to stay even longer if it were possible. He also seems to be depressed. hat is my understanding at least. It comes right out in the story and says that...