Common security arguments.

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Security recognized increasingly as necessity today in a highly competitive environment. Problem with practicing corporate security policies frequently only just talk about protecting data assets; a security analysis in my practice, corporate security policy is only a statement, " Operational security is important to the Company."

Common security arguments are:

*ƒnƒnLeaving security until "later" unspecified time

*ƒnƒnWho would bother harming or stealing data from a widget manufacturer

*ƒnƒnIt's been fine since company started operation

*ƒnƒnSecurity is troublesome and causes productivity interferences

*ƒnƒnCosts dearly basically

*ƒnƒnThese objections are unconvincing, put them in queue

Vulnerability: Disregards however unappealing the data is, it's the organization's operation continuity pre-requisite; otherwise shouldn't include them in networks and computers. Not only security prevents deliberate attack by discontented or deceitful contractors or employees, and sociopathic hackers, furthermore prevent omissions, errors, and natural disaster like fires and floods. Putting in place protection legally and morally to safeguard stakeholders interest.

Failure may means risking lawsuits and criminal prosecution.

History: Never use past reference to guide future uncertainty. Placing company at greater risk of industrial espionage, sabotage, and crook attack invitation.

Interference: Security especially irritating when imposed without consultation, everyone in organization involved and thoroughgoing collegiality is effective implementation demands. Failed security policies if upper management seen skirting requirements they attempted to impose on employees.

Cost: Value of security can't be measured by short-term costs. Wary managers accept obligation providing insurance as part of operating costs; support contracts and maintenance on computer software and hardware are paid for, hence security precautions are another organizational strategy component for catastrophic losses avoidance.

Additionally, electronic marketplace today, market development needs good security. View security tool valuable creation for reducing security threats and not expenses. In this report, an attempt to address Hackers, Crackers, Phreakers, Cypherpunks and Cyberpunks as part of the security...