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When we say common sense, we may mean that is the thinking or feeling that all people should have. If we face some people who don't have common sense, we may think he/she is impolite, rude, or unreasonable. In other words, we tend to think common sense is the natural mind or view since as if we had had since we were born. But is it true? Here's an example to argue that--- family policy. Seeing the historical event, or the article that is written by the person who is in different culture, we could assume that common sense is actually based on their culture, their environment, or their economic situation. \

In Rumania 1980s, Nicolae Ceausescu, the president of Rumania at that time, stated the law which insists that the population is the power of the nation. He provided financial assistance to people who have over 5 children. Consequently, many people bore children as they could.

However, Ceausescu's party broke down, were taken off the helm of state, and the law has changed. After that, as a result, people did away their children because they couldn't bring up their children anymore! It was like they didn't have any choice. Consequently, a huge number of children went to the orphanage, or just died by starvation. In orphanages, many children got a blood transfusion because they seriously were suffering from inanition. Since government didn't abundant money for medical purpose, the quality of the blood was not good, it includes HIV infected blood, and those children shared needles. This caused a substantial increase in HIV patients in Rumania. This is called Ceausecu's children. People may feel that was terrible, and may wonder why people did that. What would their parents and Ceausescu's children think at that time? What was the common sense...