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S.U.P.A U.S History


"Common Sense"

The British Empire is at our doorstep; and the Thirteen Colonies has never been in a been in a greater place to secure its independence from the foreign oppressors. The British Empire has already spilled the blood of Americans at Lexington and Concord. As well our training in fighting the French and Indians in the last two decades has allowed us a golden opportunity to strike the Empire while we still have the ability to fight(Paine common sense) If this opportunity passes us our knowledge gained from the French and Indian war would be squandered (Paine common sense). If we do not act know the ire the British Empire earned here and the skills we gained from the French and Indian War would be all for not.

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Our lives and homes are not protected by the British Empire.

With the Thirteen Colonies as an independent nation we will be able to protect ourselves. The British Empire had no concern over our safety here. Their form of caring for its Colonies is taxing us for protection that they don't provide(Paine common sense). The ability for the Colonies to decide for and among themselves is also an increasingly tantalizing option due to the Empire's disrespect towards their colonial brethren. The Empire decides what we can and cannot due and even then the Empire has a difficult time enforcing the most basic moral constructs such as murder and theft; which is why

for the good of the people in the Thirteen Colonies must become independent in order so save our lives and property.

Great Britain has exploited the colonies since there inception. There stingy policies of mercantilism allows them the kings share of the profits of the Thirteen Colonies...