A Common Sense View of Therapy: A look at Person-Centered Therapy

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I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the person-centered theory. I found that the theory's view that people are basically good and can be trusted to be very supportive of the client. The view that people, when given the right kind of support and environmental conditions, can grow through themselves to be particularly important. I think that by assuming that people can help themselves if the factors are right is very empowering for a client and also aids in promoting healthy self-images and concepts. Predominantly significant to me is the focus on the positive aspects of the client's lives and personality.

I am a big advocate for personal responsibility. I think this theory incorporates this responsibility into the therapy process. It makes perfect sense to me that the basic characteristics emphasize the importance of the client's perception of how things are. Perception is all we have at times. A perfect example is self-image.

In today's society, many people have inaccurate sense of self. They perceive that they are ugly or fat. Sometimes they become what they perceive by shear will power. I also think that this theory supports the belief in the power of positive thinking.

Looking at this theory's emphasize on the client making their own goals also seems to be common sense to me. The client may have issues but the ability to make their own goals once again places the responsibility in their own hands. While the therapist is there to facilitate this process and assist as needed, I find the concept a wonderful and powerful tool in the therapeutic process. I also find that I, myself, am more likely to follow through with goals if they are of my own making.

Looking at this from a therapist's point of view, I see the theory focusing on the...