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Kelly Tiong

Professor Yuraté

English 102 ( OP07 )

24 September 2014

Summary of Communication: Its Blocking and Its Facilitation

Communication sounds like it should be achieved easily, because that's what people do every day. Unfortunately, some people have hard time communicating with friends and family; but, does not know the reason. This problem continues and automatically him or her will have a barrier created without even noticing it. In this article, Rogers talks about psychotherapist dealing with people who has problem communicating; what's blocking people from having a healthy communication and how to solve this communication problem.

One of psychotherapist's responsibility is to deal with people who have communication problem. As a results, these people become unconscious with things and people around them, even themselves. According to this article, psychologist believes the major factor that blocks the communication of people are personal judgemental opinions that oppose another who tries to have a conversation.

Individuals will always have opinions and unintentionally judge someone's statement; which will only worsen the problem, rather to improve the communication. Having two opposite point of views and evaluations of the same topic without even understanding each other's ideas and reason for their ideas become the major barrier to having a healthy communication. Rogers suggests, if an individual tries to listens and understands each other's statement without having personal point of views, communication problems can be avoided. When the speaker knows that someone listens and understands to him or her, eventually both parties will have a good communication relationship. This method is the best solution to create a mutual understanding between two people or group's conversation. It could be difficult for psychologists to understand a person when emotional spikes, but experience helps to overcome this problem. When a person tries to understands other's view empathically,