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My place of employment is one of the busiest places in my small town. Once you enter into the old brick building, the smell of ink and rubbing alcohol instantly captures your sense of smell. The machine running is a sound of loud ruffling noise, like a locomotive, is heard throughout the building. My place of employment concerns a publishing and printing company. The two groups are combines into one company.

The printing section employs some of the employees, and others report to the

publishing section.

Communication is vital in my place of employment. The individuals whom work there is extremely busy and excellent communication is a must. We utilize different types of communication. For instance, internal and external memos, email, telephones, fax machines, and the old fashion face to face talking are most commonly used. We also work with cellular phones as well as tiny sticky notes taped to our computer screens.

There are various areas of communication that will be described in the following paragraphs. For one example, I will explain how various communication flows in the work place. I will also describe the machines and tools that are needed to run a printing company and how we use them to print a newspaper.

Most of the communication utilized is the downward flow. The employees are usually not asked on their ideas to improve the sales and marketing. There are few times when a marketing or sales manager asks an employee for his or her opinion on a new trend, but like I said, this happens rarely. I also know that lateral communication is used. We will attend meetings in other countries to see their cultural aspect on how they communicate with their employees and communities.

The most important machine that our company uses is a printing press...