Communication & Collaboration: An Overview

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Communication is probably the most important aspect in human development and growth. It is the basis for everything that we do; from the type of language that we speak to understanding one another. It is the very backbone of living because without it, nothing would get accomplished and the partnerships between each other would remain stagnant. Both communication and collaboration are tied into one another because without one, the other cannot exist.

Communication can be difficult when dealing with the different backgrounds and ethnics of fellow classmates when they are put into a group setting. For this reason, it is important to know the different learning styles and personality types of each person in the group so that communication can flow smoothly and any conflicts that may arise can be solved and taken care of with minimal fallout. For the purpose of this paper, it is divided into two sections; the first will discuss learning styles while the second will discuss personality types.

When discussing learning styles, it is important to know which one is your strongest and which one is your weakest. This will help in giving other members of your team a look at your strengths and weaknesses, as well as in determining who is better in certain areas and which areas need more attention. There are eight learning styles that have their own unique strengths in relation to the others; however, the focus of this paper will center on the styles of Verbal-Linguistic, Bodily-Kinesthetic, and Visual-Spatial when compared against the Logical-Mathematical style.

When we speak of the three styles mentioned above, one must first understand what each one means. Verbal-Linguistic is the ability to communicate through language, such as reading, writing, and listening. Bodily-Kinesthetic is the ability to use the body to learn, usually by taking...