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IntroductionNational policy makers and psychiatric educators have established the goals of teaching and promoting interdisciplinary care as high priorities. This article describes the implementation of an interprofessional seminar for which the dual aims were to provide a knowledge base for treating individuals with serious mental illness and to reach how to work collaboratively with other disciplines. (Steiner, J.L., Ponce, A.N., Styron, T.,Aklin, E.E., Wexler, B.E., 2008)The realization that communication within the healthcare community is lacking and in serious need of improvement is a growing concern for healthcare providers and professionals across the board. Current literature shows a trend towards promoting interdisciplinary training and collaboration across disciplines (Steiner, J.L., Ponce, A.N., Styron, T., Aklin, E.E., Wexler,B.E., 2008).

For many years the position of physician and nurse were the two primary professional relationships found within the medical setting. Clearly there were other allied healthcare professionals within the healthcare arena; however, for the most part it was the professional relationship between the physician and the nurse that set the tone and culture of the healthcare facilities.

While the nurse-physician relationship dominated the healthcare setting, historically it has been a professional relationship that has struggled with communication and collaboration issues. Current literature research indicates recognition of these deficits and the need to not only enhance and improve communication and collaboration between physicians and nurses, but healthcare professionals from other disciplines. (Smith, 2004). In contrast to the early history of healthcare where the physician and nurse were the primary healthcare providers, the healthcare field has greatly expanded as evidenced by the presence of numerous healthcare professional and allied healthcare professionals from a multitude of varied disciplines.

The article "Teaching an interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of chronic mental illness: Challenges and Rewards was published in the Journal of Academic Psychiatry, and addresses the issue of...