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Ever wondered why some football teams can go a whole season undefeated and others can't win one game? Well besides the coaching, having strong team communication is the key to any successful team. Whether it is an athletic team, a class team, or a team working on a project at work the one thing that is the driving force behind these teams is the way that they communicate with one another. Understanding the commitment of each team member is vital to having a successful team. The only way to understand truly everyone's commitment is communication amongst the team.

When a team is put together no room is left for individualism. The change of thought process is the first step to having successful communication as a team. In an interview in the November 2007 issue of the St. Louis Commerce Magazine, Neil Smit reflects on his time in the Seals and how the experience taught him a great deal of teamwork and communication.

Smit states,In a long run in the sand, if you were out front you'd be punished if you didn't go back and put the guy who was last on your shoulders and carry him. So I learned the value in teamwork. If everybody isn't performing together, then you need to shift and help that person who's struggling. (p.24)A team is only as strong as their weakest links so do not let communication problems affect the group. Part of team communication is knowing everyone's strong and weak points.

A team can not be assembled and except to come together as one just because they work for the same person. Everyone on that team needs to have the same common goal. The only way to ensure what everyone's goals are is to have open communication. The manager or leader of...